OpenOffice don't run in Fedora Scientific 30

Hello, Apache OpenOffice 4.1.6 has been installed, all was showed fine, but when click the OO icon, never starts.
Please don’t tell me “install LibreOffice” before install OO I try dnf install libreoffice and dont work completly, at least don’t include Math app that I need to the school and dont include the “main app” where can see the recent files used.
Focuse our sight on OpenOffice what can I do?

Reading the comment of diazbastian the error showed when run openoffice4 command:

/opt/openoffice4/program/javaldx: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
/opt/openoffice4/program/soffice.bin: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

The command you used is not adequate, since that way you should install the packages one by one, for example dnf install libreoffice-math. Best try with dnf groupinstall "LibreOffice".

To the above you only have to add a language pack if necessary (look for it via dnf search libreoffice-langpack) or anything else you need and that may be in the repo. You also always have the option to use LibreOffice via flatpak in flathub. I do not know what advantages Apache OpenOffice will currently have, but it seems a bit late compared to LibreOffice.

If you still want to use AOO, try to run it in the terminal and you will get the error in the output, which will give you a clue as to how to solve the problem.

Hi, diazbastian already runed dnf group list -v the LibreOffice group is the same that the libreofice app, do you already install LibreOffice group with Math app and “Main app” included?

Solution: dnf install -y libxcrypt-compat


Try making sure libreoffice-math is installed.

Of course, however, it is a terminology that tells the package manager to install a certain group of packages (in this case they correspond to the main set of LibreOffice apps except Base).

Yes. However, I do not know the status of your system, since previously you may have installed or removed packages manually, so I recommend uninstalling all the packages related to LibreOffice with dnf groupremove "LibreOffice"or more aggressively with dnf remove libreoffice* (check the list of packages well before confirming). Then you can install the group of packages through the groupinstall command or each individual package that you need.

There is no such thing as “main app”, since LibreOffice is a single binary with modules. Maybe you refer to the “Start Center”. Even if you install a single app, you can use the Start Center (if you installed LibreOffice correctly you will be able to see the desktop launcher) or run soffice in the terminal without any parameter.

I wonder if you had installed AOO by downloading the RPM packages from the web, you did not do the same with the RPM packages of LibreOffice if you had that issue or have installed the app that you needed with a dnf install libreoffice-math libreoffice-writer libreoffice-draw … etc .


I had the problem that VBoxClient was not working on Fedora 30 Workstation so that I could not share the clipboard between Fedora (the guest VM) and the host. The reported error was the same as the original discussion author but for another tool.
That solution worked for me as well.
PS: just wanted to post that so it is easier to find the solution for someone searching for it.