OpenOffice crash and close all office apps with impress :(

Works great AOO 4.1.6, but only an issue, when click the “Handouts” tab in Impress workspace close all office suite.

Please friends don’t tell me (write) anything that include “LibreOffice” word, why?

  • LibreOffice don’t have separate Math app, can’t save equation in MathML files to include in HTML
  • LibreOffice Impress don’t have workspace tabs, to switch between normal and outline the app force to search in the bars. lost a lot of time.
  • Reinstall whole Fedora (workstation with default gnome instead my previous KDE Scientific) from zero in hardrive, this edition have by default installed LibreOffice but no matter how many times I run “dnf update libreoffice” always says that requires packages.
  • Direct cursor works diferently

I do not want to bore you with a million of current disadvantage of LibreOffice, AOO works great in Windows XP but newest editions of Scipy not work, I dont want to buy Windows 10, please tell me if AOO exist in a external repo or how to configure it or tell me if AOO is doomed to work only in Windows.

Sounds like it’s crashing… Unfortunately not much can be done here other than reporting this to them. As has been mentioned before, OpenOffice is basically on maintenance life support.

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