LibreOffice issue

Fedora 30. LibreOffice
In any of the suite application (at least Draw an Writer), when I click on an image and I to move it, or whem I want to resize it, the image will be copied, and pasted. I mean, I have the old one in its original position (and size) and a copy of right when I start to move or resize.
I’m the only one with this issue. I don’t know what keyword use in a search engine.

Hi, @alciregi! It behaves as if you have Ctrl button pressed down (or stuck) on your keyboard. Can you verify it’s not the case?

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Good catch @nightromantic
Well, the Ctrl button was not stuck (I use Ctrl+C a lot in the terminal :smile:) and I was not pressing it.
BTW, after moving an image while pressing Ctrl, the image was copied as usual.
But after that, now I can move and resized images and they are no more duplicated. (While using Ctrl they are copied, as it should be).
:man_shrugging: Pretty strange. But problem solved. :+1:

Glad to help) It’s as if it was “stuck” programmatically only for this one (?) application. I think I’ve had something like this happen couple of times, though I haven’t considered it much as pressing a button couple of times resolved it. I can’t even remember exactly, which application or applications I had this with.