LibreOffice BASE table import question


As a former database application developer I have a fair acquaintance with several SQL platforms as well as desktop systems such as Access, DBASE and Paradox. But recent attempts to port an Access application over to a Fedora 37 KDE laptop using the Libre Office BASE application have left me stumped.

I decided that running the native Access application under Linux was undesirable: For a little cookbook database installing a VM or WINE was too much overhead. Instead I would export the data and rebuild the forms and reports using BASE, which seemed to be designed for that task.

I exported the data successfully and brought it over to the Linux machine. I found that the Excel format export was easily recognized by LO CALC. I could import that data into a SQLite database but for some reason I was unable to import the data into an embedded HSQLDB in BASE.

I’m sure my problem is conceptual more than anything but if somebody can send me in the right direction I’d appreciate it. Thanks!


Sorry, I do not know either. I’m not database expert, worked in business a while with Access//VBA/MySQL, and now use a small Libreoffice Base db for a shopping list. With all respect for the developers, I’m afraid there is quit some gap between Base and Access, which is for sure also lack of knowledge from my side. Anyhow, if you’re on Fedora, why not a Mariadb DB with Base as frontend, you have two-side access to the database itself and no data loss if Base crashes and leaves the db data inaccessible.

I have to add something: There is a nice book available for download describing all aspects of base, so I´ve something to study. I have deep respect for the developers that they are at the current level. Access was already in Office97 and it’s basic structure has not changed in all years, so years of development by professionals.

A method for importing data:
Import in Calc from CSV.
Create a base with the calc file as data source, right click on the table and press copy.
In the HSQLDB base, right click on the table and press paste.

Or: create a folder with CSV’s and create a base file referring to CSV in thia folder. All CSV’s will be imported readonly, can be transferred via copy/paste to hsqldb database.