Only Office better than Libre Office?

I see LibreOffice comes preinstalled in Fedora. I have used it (years ago), wasn’t too impressed back then but it’s no doubt much better now. But I keep hearing people saying OnlyOffice is much better these days, so i wondered why Fedora packs LibreOffice in with the OS, there must be a reason. Is it more stable or more privacy friendly or something else I should consider? Otherwise I would be interested to know how to uninstall Libre Office and i will try Only Office.
Interested in people’s opinions here on the two

LibreOffice is easy to use and more than adequate for anything I need a document processor for. The fact it can do everything available in Microsoft Office makes it a winner in my book.

I have no experience with OnlyOffice.

You would need to compare the two to see which meets your needs.


IMO The best. Python has been in Calc for years, Base is better than Access, I can go on and on. . .

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Are you saying LibreOffice is the best?

I’ve used MS Office longer than most, I’m so comfortable with LibreOffice now.

I understand why companies use it, sure there are BI tools like PowerBI and SQLServer, but for basic Office needs, LibreOffice has a ton. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, are covered by what LibreOffice has. The python could get better documentation, but if you know how to use it it works great. Far better than using vb code. (Excel is moving to Python to replace it. . . ) There are themes to help those with the transition.

Fun fact :

i was working on a project 6 months ago to do a video tutorial series on how to use Python in LibreOffice Calc. Life situations got in the way and that is not possible at the moment. . . maybe a blog post on Mastadon might work.

OnlyOffice looks more like MS Office and maybe more polished? I prefer LibreOffice, as I got used to it and it is easier to use now.

I had not heard of openoffice found this interesting OnlyOffice - Wikipedia

If you want to know which is better, the best way is to test / use it yourself. See how it meets your needs and usability. In my case, LibreOffice fits perfectly for what I need it to do; more elaborate text files such as academic works or other situations, Writer is good enough for me. Same goes to Calc, Impress, etc.
To remove Libreoffice, you can go to Gnome Software and uninstall Writer, Calc, and Impress.

To install OnlyOffice, there is this link that shows how to install on Fedora using RPM and a bash script.

I never used OnlyOffice, since LibreOffice is good enough for me.

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Onlyoffice is available from flathub as well (easier to remove in case you need to): ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors | Flathub

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I’ll take that as a yes, thanks!

Thanks, yes I should have said, I of course understand personal preference is down to me to test my end, I was more asking whether there’s a reason (perhaps a very important one I should be aware of) why Libre was chosen as bundled with Fedora over OnlyOffice. Apparently that’s not the case and LibreOffice seems favoured. I guess it will just come down to looks. I haven’t used MS stuff for many years so I will play with both and see what I prefer, so long as both are perfectly fine to run on Fedora which they obviously are.
Thanks for download links, yes I will use Software app to keep things simple (for me!)
thanks for the opinions, those helped too

Just thought of another question which didn’t occur to me until now. I’m guessing the answer is “no” but is there any chance LibreOffice (or OnlyOffice for that matter) may be able to open Mac Pages documents and other Mac formatted office documents? If not I may have some work to do :smile:

I think with pages you will need to “save as…” a format that can be read by libreoffice.

Edit: apparently libreoffice can read pages documents.

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Thanks, ah yes I think I remember a “Save as” feature, worst case that will do the trick. most won’t ever need opening again so I suppose I can just do it on an ad hoc basis when necessary. May try libre office out, nice if it can open them as they are! thanks


You can install libreoffice on your mac to test this out.

When I am next near my mac I must try this myself!

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Ha, you’re full of sneaky (meaning smart) ideas! :smiley:

There is a very simple reason why LibreOffice is, and should be, installed by default: package availability and license. Based this criteria, from a Fedora / FOSS point of view, LibreOffice is better.

LibreOffice is a completely free office suite developed by a community (and Red Hat/Fedora used to be important members of that community).

On the other hand, Only Office is developed and open sourced by a company, it provides a community edition with some featured disabled and try to push you towards a paid subscription.

To be more specific, Only Office is two things: a server product, where you edit files in the web browser (like Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, Nextcloud Office) and a set of desktop/mobile apps. Only the desktop apps could be a replacement for LibreOffice.


Great first post! Thank you. I had no idea OnlyOffice works like that. No chance I would even try it in that case! Thank you, LibreOffice is the one for me then!

More W’s for LibreOffice :party:

Does OnlyOffice have Python built in?