Difficulties with Libre Office Base

After having created some forms which were working perfectly with macros in Libreoffice base stable edition Build ID: some recent revision of Fedora 32 Silverblue and Fedora 32 seems to have destroyed this capacity. One issue is that when I attempt to open a text editor in base such as gedit file in base, either through the GUI or the sql. Through the GUI I have programmed a button with a path to the file. Formerly after I had specified the text editor gedit the text opened in gedit. Now when I click on the button nothing happens. When I use the path in a macro I get the message Basic runtime error file not found".
Troubleshooting, I installed in a toolbox of Fedora 31, Build ID: and I do not have this problem at all, that issue works perfectly. I am able to open the file via sql or via the same programmed button.
I have other issues with the fedora 31 edition, so that while somethings work better in the fedora 32 edition, others don’t and vice versa. There was at lease at one point an edition where all was working fine, how to find it now an revert back to it?