Left mouse click has some strange response

It’s as if the left mouse click gets “stuck”, as if its held in even though its not. I can see this on the screen because when I move the mouse, its selecting text in e.g. Firefox as if left mouse click is being held in even though it’s not.

There is a post that others has the same problem.
I fix the problem turning off the “Gnome extensions”, but other solution?

Here is the post

SO: Fedora38.

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Have You tried another mouse (unplug problematic one and plug spare one from drawer or shoe box). Back in time I wanted proper Unix mouse - three buttons, no scroll wheel. Only option in shop was with translucent plastic. OK. When Sun (the star that gives us energy for life) shined through window the thing got crazy. It took me a while to understand what’s going on. Curtains fixed the problem. :slight_smile: So, sometimes it’s not in software.

Thans alan. But the strange is some people has the same problem recently with any mouse.

What problem do YOU have though. It is important to focus on the issue you are trying to solve, since it may not relate 100% to another you read about.

Can you provide a list of extensions you’re running?

If you disable them one by one does it eventually go away or do you have to disable them all.