Laptop Recommendations

Does anyone have a laptop they recommend to run silverblue on? Thanks!

That’s more a topic for ask.fedora . You can use your account there as well. With the search function you will also find there several discussions and recommendations about this topic.

Hi, I am not able to use my login to get in, I keep getting this message:

The login of ask.fedora is the same as discussion.fedora, including the forwarding. I do not know that message, it seems to be browser specific. But it seems that it only warns you of the second forwarding (ask.fp → forwards to → FAS page → after successful login, forwards to → ask.fp). I expect you have the same issue when logging into discussion.fp?

Generally, be aware of warnings and think about them before clicking anything (this is a general advice). But assuming that you trust the Fedora pages to manage your Fedora credentials properly, I do not see a reason to not continue.

I run Fedora 36 Workstation on a Framework laptop, which is completely supported out of the box. Not sure what region you’re in but worth a look!

I think Silverblue should support identical hardware to the DNF based Workstation.

Thanks! I was wondering why you chose that system. I have been looking at this one:

I found out what the issue was, the browser, I tried a few, and the log in works with FireFox, all my other browsers, I kept getting the same error. FireFox it all works! Thanks!