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Hi, I have installed kernel-longterm-5.4 on Fedora33. It is working and I can boot into it. How to make to force Fedora updated to use only this long term Kernel and its updates ? (I still got kernel updates for kernel 5.9.8 and I don’t want them any more)…

Hello, Thanks for your feedback.

You need to boot to the kernel-longterm, and remove the others fedora kernel using:
dnf remove kernel-core kernel-devel

This is because dnf will not allow you to remove the running kernel.

Hi, done, thanks.
dnf update sill installs me kernel-debug-devel x86_64 5.9.9-200.fc33 and kernel-headers-5.9.9-200.fc33.x86_64, should I remove them too ?
Other question : long term is actually 5.4.77. Why is 5.4.78 compilation failed ? It’s not a real problem just for my information. The important thing for me is dkms is working for my DVB PCI cards.

I have removed debug-devel from update via:
sudo dnf remove kernel-debug-devel
then install the longterm one:
sudo dnf install kernel-longterm-debug-devel
Well, I have still the kernel-headers from update …
I’ve just look inside
but see nothing concerning kernel-longterm-header ??

This is what I’ve been needing lately with my NVME woes, thanks for your work on this! I was wondering about the LTS kernel headers as well. I have the headers installed for kernel 5.9.9, yet NVIDIA drivers are working. Do I need the LTS kernel headers?

Just what I was looking for, thank you! My ancient nvidia card is now stable again (nouveau was freezing my system after a couple of minutes)

The kernel-headers package should only be needed for building userspace applications. You should rely on the fedora default package. Unless you have a dedicated error because an upstream interface have changed.

The kernel-longterm-devel version needs to exactly match the kernel-longterm version so far. And you need to rebuild the “out-of-tree” kernel module for each updated kernel-longterm build.
Doing this task is better done with akmods than dkms IMHO, but the latter should also works.

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I think I need a version of kernel-headers longterm version. I compile 5 DVB modules via DKMS that’s why I have installed longterm and I think it is important to provide header too.
For the moment I haven’t got problems, but i remember problems in the past (kernel 3.3 - big change in dvb - usb structure then kernel 4.16 there was change location for dvb/frontend.h ii the main include item for dvb devices)