Install specific kernel version

what command use to download and install specific kernel version stable/mainline/longterm

Fedora usually carries the latest stable kernel (with a few patches applied).

Unless you run into problems, it is recommended to just use the latest kernel that is provided by the repositories.

If you really need to run an older LTS kernel, then have a look at

run rpm -qa kernel\* to see which kernels are installed.


for example i want to install linux 6.7 how it is?

Then you just wait a few days and it will appear in the repos (it’s currently being tested, see Test Day:2024-01-21 Kernel 6.7 Test Week - Fedora Project Wiki)
If you really can’t wait, follow the instructions to manually download and install 6.7 kernels from Fedora’s build system: Test Day:2024-01-21 Kernel 6.7 Test Week - Fedora Project Wiki


i saw 1 thing im internet when i search it i remember this 1 command @kernel-vanilla/mainline-wo-mergew

so basically mainline is the not stable like 6.8 kernel?

if i want the stable one ill command @kernel-vanilla/stable?

6.8 is not stable, 6.8 is in development. unless you are kernel developer, I would not recommend running it.

6.7 has just been released, it will soon appear in Fedora.

further information:


okay, thankyou for helpful answer

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