Kinoite logo for Kickoff

I think it would be cute if Kinoite shipped with its logo for the Kickoff launcher:


I’d +1 that. Here’s what I use for my launcher icon for anyone interested :slight_smile:

For example:
Ekran Görüntüsü_20240318_132436


Is there something like a Fedora logo download location? There is no SVG I could find.

Not anymore I guess.
I got those icons from (before website and project being called Fedora Atomic) and AFAIK they were SVGs. I have the original SVG but I can’t post it here (file format not allowed).
The original was hosted there (SVG):
Now we have a PNG:

Let me know if you know a good way to share SVG. I can upload the logo on Yandex Disk or Google Drive if that’s OK


You could use a Nextcloud instance hosted in Germany like my Universities

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I uploaded two files there, they are both the same but with different names (extensions). HTH :slight_smile:

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edited it with inkscape and uploaded in the folder

  • under layers remove the text group, leave the icon group
  • select the “K” shapes
  • Ctrl+Shift+d and resize canvas to selected object

additional logo with a bit of padding

also found the Silverblue icons on (the insanely often archived) pages and added them.