Kinoite still not in website

i have raised this concern many times but still it having been solved yet and there is no reason not to have this and have silver blue only. which is wrong.

Hello, as a Fedora Website and Apps team member I can say you this, We are changing our websites for new design better structure and updated informations. There is undergoing revamp project and we will make sure we gonna have place for Fedora Kinoite as well. Get fedora will change as well.

At the moment Fedora Kinoite website link:

I hope that will answer your question and If you wanna know more about it, you can join us in our matrix channel

“As a member of the Server Edition WG and the Docs team” I suppose that doesn’t answer the OPs question. And it does not solve the problem now, unfortunately. And it does not show any perspective on how the problem can and should be solved in the foreseeable future.

This is not an acceptable way to communicate with each other, and it is especially not an acceptable way to deal with the commitment and work that a group of Fedorians put in there - IMHO.

Personally, I don’t know this variant well and will probably never use it. But regardless of that, it is objectively a nice and well-developed product. There is even an installation guide and other documentation, which our “flagship” (in terms of number of downloads) Workstation does not have at all. And it is this quality that distinguishes Kinoite from other spins and labs, and even Editions (see above) in a very positive way and deserves appreciation.

That said, why not put Kinoite in the right empty position next to Silverblue? The title for this series “upcoming Editions” is wrong anyway (CoreOS is already an edition) and can be changed lossless to “additional variants” or “OStree variants” and delete the row about a look into the future. So it would be no longer wrong and progress in several ways.

And technically it fits in there perfectly, all of them are OSTree based.


i hear about that somewhere that fedora is actually reworking or will and make the getfedora website a revamp so if that happens within 2-3months when f37 will launch it makes sense to wait not to add right now but if that happens in next year or so then you should add that anong with core os and silverblue.
as we can see even the community members dont know about that kinoite as it have a discrete website.

We’re aware that Fedora Kinoite is not on the main Fedora download page.

I’d be careful with comparisons right now as we don’t have a working graphical interface to manage updates on Kinoite so the experience is not fully there yet. The installation documentation is also lacking for custom partition layouts.

There is a lot of work to make a new page for Fedora and we hope that we can better show case all variants in the new website.

CoreOS isn’t an Edition yet (although it is planned to be promoted for F37). Silverblue is considered an “upcoming Edition” because it’s the potential future of Workstation, which is an Edition. Kinoite, because it’s an rpm-ostree variant of of a spin, so it’s not an upcoming Edition.

but spins can be accessed with getfedora website
what ever you say it should be on the default website

when we are switching to the new website is it with new anaconda

We can probably add it to the Spin page. Feel free to send PRs.

We’ve already explained above why it can not.

This is unrelated to the Anaconda change.

hopefully get that in asap