Kinoite image for pinetab2


I’d like to create an image of fedora for pinetab2 like here, however, I’d like to use kinoite instead of workstation spin, and for testing, it can live in a flash card to later try on emmc. Where could I get the right sources to make an image, and how could I instruct the image to use the self-built kernel?


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I am going to leave this question for @siosm , since he is really involved with Kinoite.

We’ve been discussion related work in Issue #41: Create Classic/Kinoite KDE Plasma mobile images for PinePhone - SIG -

Instructions to build an image: Overview - workstation-ostree-config - You can then tweak the manifests to use your kernel instead.

For mobile specific images then this goes into firmware/bootloader setup and I’m not well versed into that.

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Yeah I think UBoot is the bootloader for those images is it not?

GitHub - martinezjavier/fedora-mobility-playground: Playground to build Fedora images for mobile devices might also help to get started with osbuild to build the final image.

Thanks for the answers, I’ll go through the info, and see if I can make it happen, as well as look for potential contrbutions.

at least the resource I pointed didn’t seem to use it, but I would think you are right on this topic.