Kinoite, a KDE (and now XFCE) version of Fedora Silverblue

Looks like this is still happening with the latest build. Will take time to investigate soon but in the meantime the same steps should work here. This should only happen once after the update. Sorry for the issue.

Thanks I’ll try, just want to emphasize the same containers run perfectly on main Fedora SB 33.
Maybe just update of Kinoite base is needed? @Siosm

Yeah I’m running toolbox on Silverblue F33 Gnome, have been since rawhide actually, and I can still use it and my F32 toolbox too.

I pushed an update today. Hope it will help.

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Hi, just wanted to say, thanks for providing a Pantheon variant here! I’m the maintainer of Pantheon on fedora, and it’s really cool to see what people can do with it :slight_smile:

There’s been constant interest in a Pantheon spin of fedora (especially an OSTree based system) - do you think it would be possible to provide an official fedora Silverblue+Pantheon spin based on your experience with Kinoite?

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Thanks for working on Pantheon packaging! I couldn’t do all of that without you.

I’m currently working on making the KDE variant official. I think it’s definitely possible to create an official Pantheon variant but it will need people to maintain it (i.e. I will not commit to do that). I will probably keep building other desktop variants once the KDE one becomes an official one but support will be minimal.

See also the work from @walters in pre-RFC: Rebasing Silverblue on CoreOS that should make it easier to build and maintain more variants.

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Thanks, but now my session doesn’t start at all - cursor on black screen.

Can you give use more informations? Can you rollback and wait for the next update to try again?

Regarding Kinoite, how usable is it compared to a Fedora KDE Spin ? Would rebasing my current Silverblue 33 to it would provide me with a daily driver experience? What would I need to add, layer, or add via flatpak to achieve that goal?

I’ve already rolled back.
I’m actually not very depending on it, just wanted to have it working.
Sure I’ll try again when the next update comes.

I would say quite usable if you are confortable doing rpm-ostree update via the command line while we work on rpm-ostree support in Discover. I am using it regularly on my main laptop.

There are currently no KDE Apps available as Flatpaks from Fedora. I’m working (with others) on packaging KDE Apps for Flathub first as they get “day of release” updates to latest release. I will work on packaging them as Fedora Flatpaks next. In the meantime, for missing apps, you can overlay them from the official RPMs from Fedora repositories.

If you want the comfort of official Silverblue releases, you can also overlay the KDE Plasma packages on top of Silverblue (see the (outdated) list of packages) and switch from GDM to SDDM as login manager.

is the kinoite repo kept up to date with the packages off Fedora ? Or are you syncing once in a while?

There’s also KDE’s official flatpak repo.
They don’t package everything, but there’s a fair share of apps available.
With that being said, I’d almost always roll with Flathub over theirs whenever possible as their manifest files just seem to be less strictly defined (no rule for git tags and commit identifiers among other things).

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists kdeapps --from

This is mostly a testing repo building applications from master. See I try to update the manifests there with the improvements from Flathub but this is still on a best effort schedule.

Yes, I only use pure Fedora packages and sync / do builds once a week or every other week.

Anyone can start session in the updated 33.20201127.0 deployment?
Have plasmashell crash in log and cursor on black screen. Need to know if it’s my local problem or not.

Hi, I think the image needs a rebuild. I get version mismatch errors with libgomp when trying to install gcc through rpm-ostree (as a dependency of akmod-nvidia-390xx to get my GPU working).
This is on Kinoite 33.20201127.0

This is common issue when trying to overlay packages on Silverblue/Kinoite. Until the Fedora Updates Archive repo is officially added to Silverblue, you can add it manually and that should help.

Edit: This will be included in the next build by default.

@Siosm Are the previous versions kept in your repo, can I install them?
It would be useful possibility anyway.

Thanks for the suggestion, @Siosm. That solved the version conflict for gcc. Now I just need to figure out how to patch the nvidia kernel module for building with the 5.9 kernel.