Keystroke to turn off monitor

I’m running Fedora 33 Gnome on a Thinkpad with an external monitor. I often don’t need the Thinkpad screen to be on. Is there a shortcut to turn it off? Under Windows this is Windows key + P.

Your keyboard not has something like this?


How about when using external usb keyboards?

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You’ll have to find a shortcut to define for this but it appears that you can use xrandr to do this:

The TLDR; on this is run the following:

xrandr --listmonitors

And then for the monitor you want to power off:

xrandr --output DVI-0 --off (Assuming DVI-0 is the correct monitor)


xrandr is for X-windows?

Will it work with Wayland?

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You can try wlr-randr


Woah perfect, thanks. I like how you can hold down Fn and select your monitor configuration by pressing F7.

I’m using an external keyboard so never thought of that.


wlr-randr doesn’t seem to be working with Gnome on Fedora 33. It outputs compositor doesn't support wlr-output-management-unstable-v1. Apparently this means it works only with compositors written with the wlroots backend.

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