Monitor not shutting off after lock on Fedora 31 Gnome w/ Wayland

Hi all. I have an all AMD desktop set up that I just installed Fedora 31 w/ Gnome. It’s great. My one pet peeve is that the screen doesn’t go into standby mode when I lock the session, though I have Blank Screen set to “On” in the Power settings.

This is what happens: I lock the screen, or wait for the screen to lock. The monitor briefly shuts off, turns blue (which it does before it goes to standby), and then wakes back up, displaying a black screen with the backlight on. Sometimes, the mouse cursor is visible.

How can I get it to cut off the signal to the monitor completely? This happened on Manjaro XFCE. I want to save power.

It has been like this since at least Fedora 28. Very annoying, as my monitor does not have an on/off switch anymore. Setting your computer to S3 sleep does work, but you cannot leave things like Folding@Home or BOINC running.

Apart from that, gnome-session frequently crashes when locking the session, and that also happens on S3 sleep…