Keyboard was faulty when entering password

When I entered the password the keyboard was faulty, several keys that did not work all i remember is the a did not work. I now have a new keyboard and cannot figure out the password to enter.

The password was password2019 I have tried pssword2019 this does not work. I need to know the line from a and other characters on that grid line to enter the password with the new keyboard.

Tried google but cannot find the character matrix of the keyboard.

Any suggestions? Thanks

If this is local password to Linux, the better path is just to reset it.

That is a terrible password :wink:

Is your disk encrypted? If it isn’t, you can just boot off a Linux ISO and reset the password.

What kind of keyboard is it? There are lots of different layouts.

A standard US layout looks like this:

Thanks I have a ssd coming next week to exchange for hdd. I love a puzzle though.

I think it is a Great password makes it really difficult for MI5 to crack.

Good luck!