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i hope fedora would move away from using passwords. they are not standard anyhow like caps and no caps, underscore only, no spaces, no special characters, with special characters, it just goes on confusing people thats why we need to write down the passwords.

today i reinstalled 39 and this time i used the everything iso (alt.fedoraproject.org). imagine that all my weird problems disappeared after this reinstall. so watch out those additional packages you install.

Can you provide any additional details behind this post?


i’m fast approaching the point where vision is more blurred and finger joints painful. using and trying to keep complex passwords is a nightmare now. with google and 2fa, my password can be “apple” but the 2FA with my phone is the deal breaker. imagine how easy is that.

the second one is my feedback. i find strange behaviour of linux from the official iso image. systemd-resolvd is one. as soon as im done with the install i have to disable systemd and go back to “/etc/resolv.conf” file.

I’ve been using years password manager it holds all my passwords, I can group personal and work folders, I have all my 2fa/ one-time passwords there, all SSH keys, secrets, CLI integration, Commit push authentication since I use it to authenticate all Commits via SSH and I need to provide password manager authentication on all and everything it has even passkeys so only one password I need to remember is the password manager password and it has fprint authentication too I even use 26+ letters, special characters etc autogenerated from password manager and then it has inputted 2fa and passkeys to that login no typing no remembering passwords

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