Keyboard shorcuts to move windows around stopped working

Hi everyone,

Since I updated my laptop with Fedora 37, some of the default keyboard shorcuts stopped working.
For example, the Shift + super + right and the Shift + super + left, do nothing anymore :frowning:

Does anyone can help me understand what is wrong ?


Hi - curious, what GNOME Extensions do you have installed? Anything that might pick up those shortcuts themselves?

If you create a new user and login as them, do the keyboard shortcuts still not respond?


So disabled all extensions, still the same.
And also with a new user, still not working…

What’s working:
Ctrl + super + left / right => to swap the window to the left / right of the screen.

and this is kind a weird because the official shorcut for that seems to be ctrl + left / right !??

I am really puzzled here…

Hmm…sorry for the possibly dumb questions on my part, but is your second monitor being picked up still? (Like is it possible that it might not be sending windows to a leftward/rightward monitor because it doesn’t see one there?) And are they in the expected order? (Possibly it can’t send leftward because it thinks it’s already on the left-most?)

If the second monitor is being picked up fine, are those keyboard shortcuts also not working when you boot from a Fedora 37 USB?

Now I removed completely all gnome-shell-extension packages and the issue is fixed.

Disabling them with the extensions manager was not enough, I really needed to deinstall then completly…

I will have to carefully add only the one I use, one by one to find the one or the bundle which is causing an issue…