Kernel-headers 6.5.5

Fedora 37-39 doesn’t have kernel-headers for 6.5.5 version. Why Fedora Team didn’t release them?
Cause someone programs like VMware Workstation don’t work without this package.

Probably because there is no real difference betwenn version 6.5.4 and 6.5.5. For build kernel modules you would use the header files provided by kernel-devel.

If you have a real problem, file a bug report at

Here is the details of the RPMs built for 6.5.5 and I see the devel package was built. It is always built for each arch and each kernel release.


Not sure why you it is missing for you. Can you try to install it?

When I’m installing 6.5.5, all dependencies also installed, but kernel-headers have 6.5.4 version and that crash building VMware modules.

kernel-headers is built separately from the kernel itself.

Aha! I took your comment about kernel-devel and assumed the kernel headers where in the kernel build.

I see that the kernel-headers are not install into kernel versions directories.

There must be an assumption in the VMware build about kernel version and headers that is not correct.

The package kernel-headers is for compiling normal programs and not for compiling kernel modules. All the files found in kernel-headers are also found in kernel-devel but located in different directories. The kernel-headers files are found in the /user/include and the kernel-devel files are found in /usr/src/kernels/.


I’m using old method from compiling vmware kernel modules from here GitHub - mkubecek/vmware-host-modules: Patches needed to build VMware (Player and Workstation) host modules against recent kernels.
This working. VMware now start even though the header package is missing. Early time package kernel-headers always realeased with new kernel and i haven’t a problem like that.

As has been explained the headers package is not missing.
It is an error to assume it changes for every kernel release.
The bug is in the script or i structions that have that bad assumption.