Where to get kernel-headers-5.15.11-200.fc35.x86_64

I am using kernel 5.15.11-200.fc35.x86_64 and need to install the kernel headers (for installing CUDA).

Does anyone know where I can get the 5.15.11-200 headers?

I can’t find them in the usual repos or on bodhi

The headers package isn’t released with every kernel.

That being said, are you sure you don’t need the kernel-devel package and not the kernel-headers package?


The instructions I was following said to install kernel-devel and kernel-header packages, but you are right - the kernel-devel package had the headers. The install worked with just the kernel-devel package. Thanks for your help.

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You can install the kernel headers with sudo dnf install kernel-headers . That will pull in the appropriate headers version for the running kernel. Use of the version number is not required for either the devel or the headers package since they are selected according to the running kernel version.