Looking for kernel headers for kernel 6.0.5-300.fc37.aarch64

I believe I have installed the headers with :

sudo dnf install dkms
sudo dnf install kernel-headers.aarch64
Package kernel-headers-6.0.5-300.fc37.aarch64 is already installed.

But when I attempt to use dkms to add a module it complains the headers are not there.

Error! Your kernel headers for kernel 6.0.5-300.fc37.aarch64 cannot be found at /lib/modules/6.0.5-300.fc37.aarch64/build or /lib/modules/6.0.5-300.fc37.aarch64/source.
Please install the linux-headers-6.0.5-300.fc37.aarch64 package or use the --kernelsourcedir option to tell DKMS where it’s located.

/lib/modules/6.0.5-300.fc37.aarch64/build appears to be a broken link to /usr/src/kernels/6.0.5-300.fc37.aarch64

So I’m not sure what I have missed.

Have you installed kernel-devel .

The kernel-devel package is required for either akmods or dkms.

Just so you know, the dkms package is not installed by default since fedora uses akmods almost exclusively to build kernel modules. akmods is used by most akmod-XXXXX packages to do automatic building of the kernel modules and dkms would have to be manually used to do the same with each kernel update.

What are you doing that you seem to think dkms is needed?

Just an FYI.
I have not had dkms installed on any of my systems since fedora started using akmods instead, and certainly have never missed it. I use nvidia GPUs and when I install akmod-nvidia the system ‘magically’ handles the build of all needed kernel modules (drivers) for me. The build of new modules for new kernel updates is also done automatically.

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Yes. kernel-devel is automatically installed as a dependency of dkms.

I think this is an aarch64 issue. I just went through the same build steps on X86_64 F37 and it builds without anything missing. All I installed was dkms and everything else required for building modules was present.

So the problem is a wrong dkms package in the aarch64 F37 repo.

When dkms (for aarch64, X86 works fine) installs it downgrades several components (including kernel and boot) and breaks critical boot links in the boot partition rendering the system un-bootable.

Some of these links are links to the kernel module directories. Which is why the module compilation fails.

But the more severe problem is the next time a boot is attempted the system will not do so.

Since I conducted tests on both aarch64 and x86_64 for F37 beta I can only conclude that the repo for just aarch64 is not correct.

So I will probably just wait for F37 to be fully released and try again.

That probably should be reported as a bug against the dkms package for aarch64 for F37 so the developers have a chance to know about the problem and fix it.

The fact that it breaks booting for already installed kernel seems a critical issue

For this newbie. Where do I report such things?

bugzilla.redhat.com and use the same ID as you use to log in here.

Bug 2139560 – DKMS install downgrades F37 and breaks booting submitted

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