Keeping SW up-to-date on Silverblue

My understanding is, that to keep ALL installed software up-to-date on Silverblue, I have to do the following:

  1. rpm-ostree update (update the base OS)
  2. flatpak update (update containerized desktop apps)
  3. sudo fwupdmgr refresh; sudo fwupdmgr get-updates; sudo fwupdmgr update (update fw)
  4. update installed Gnome extensions through the Chrome Gnome Shell Integration plugin
  5. toolbox enter then sudo dnf update -y (update the toolbox container OS)
  • Correct?

  • Did I forget something?

  • Is there way to update all installed Gnome extensions from the command line?

  • Will the Gnome Software Center do everything for me?

  • Will I be prompted via Gnome notifications to do so if any updates are available?

    best regards


If you have firmware requiring updating yes, otherwise no.

gnome-extensions --help will give you the info, or man gnome-extensions for the long play version.

I believe gnome software prompts for / handles 1-3, that’s how it usually works on mine. I don’t give much thought to my toolbox, that’s an interesting one…

I think Gnome Software should also handle Gnome Extensions because Gnome Software and Gnome Extensions are Gnome Stuff, KDE Discover handles updates of Plasma extensions, Flatpaks and firmware, but does not suppoer rpm-ostree right now.

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Hi Stephen,

I looked at man gnome-extensions and gnome-extensions --help but cannot identify a subcommand to update all installed extensions:

  gnome-extensions COMMAND [ARGS…]

  help      Print help
  version   Print version
  enable    Enable extension
  disable   Disable extension
  reset     Reset extension
  uninstall Uninstall extension
  list      List extensions
  info      Show extension info
  show      Show extension info
  prefs     Open extension preferences
  create    Create extension
  pack      Package extension
  install   Install extension bundle

The only update related option I found is gnome-extensions list --updates, which seems to list those extension with pending updates, but does not update them.

Did I miss the info how I can update the installed Gnome extensions from the commandline?

best regards

It appears you have to know what extensions you want to install, but I couldn’t find any way to inquire about what extensions were available to install.

I recently started using Silverblue in s VM, I have so many containers + Flatpaks and it was an afterthought on what I need to do with the update process.

Might as well drop this in to a bash script to do all at once.minus the gnome extensions.

I think you would like to use GitHub - r-darwish/topgrade: Upgrade everything !

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I’m confused about something. What is the difference between rpm-ostree update and rpm-ostree upgrade? Do they do exactly the same thing?

Update will update whatever commit you are currently deployed on, including layered packages. Upgrade will upgrade the commit you are currently deployed on including layered packages that need it. Upgrade is the actual command and update is an alias for it within rpm-ostree. Hope that ends the confusion.