Keepassxc autotype

hello, im looking for some advice with keepassxc and autotype on silverblue, i tried both installing via rpm-ostree and in my toolbox image and both are not able to autotype passwords, i am getting a message in terminator (via toolbox) Active window changed, interrupting auto-type.when i try using the ctrl-alt-v paste option but full autotype i get no response, even using the ctrl-alt-v option i cant paste
i am trying to use silverblue as my daily driver and apart from this i have found everything else to work as i needed

Have you tried the flatpak version? Autotype should work there.

yes i tried that as well, it doesnt work. this is the version i get the error Active window changed, interrupting auto-type

It is working for me. Have you tried to trigger auto-type manually using the corresponding entry in the database? Ctrl+Shift+V should also work. I am using Wayland.

maybe its how i am trying to use it, im running KeePassxc from flatpak on the host install of silverblue, i then run toolbox and run terminator, i then try to use autotype (no response at all) or ctrl-shift-v (Active window changed, interrupting auto-type.) on the terminator window.
i installed firefox in the toolbox image as well and i am seeing the same behavior, also the same in the base firefox, i cannot get it to autotype of paste passwords anywhere… strange

Same issue here. I can not get any sort of auto type response out of keepassxc on Fedora 31 workstation. Either flatpak org.keepassxc.KeePassXC or keepassxc-2.5.1-1.fc31.x86_64 installed through dnf. I do not even get that interrupting message. Just nothing at all seems to happen.