KDE just got "round" over night; how flexible are you regarding UI design?

Plasma 6.1 came in mid of Fedora 40, and the results were really surprising.

Suddenly, EVERYTHING is round. The main issue I had, lower window corners, are still square, but all the rest is rooound.

I dont know what to think of it, it is different.

Btw, while I formerly created a Plasma 6 cursor theme to bring back the Plasma 5 cursor (which has 3,3k downloads!) after a while of just sticking to the Plasma6 cursor, I think the new Breeze cursor is WAY better.

Thanks to all the awesome designers at KDE, it really looks great.


TBH, I haven’t noticed… LOL… that’s how much I suppose I pay attention to the tweaks… runs great though…

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The biggest change is when you enter edit mode.

I love the new edit mode.


I agree, I really like the combination of blue and pink instead of blue and orange on the Snow variant!

What? I didnt even found a single Plasma 6 cursor adaption.

Waiting for hyprcursors to appear, dont even know how to edit and save xcursor files