KDE - Display Settings Lost On Reboot

Fresh install of the newest release of the KDE spin. Updating the system didn’t help. ~/.local/share/kscreen exists.

Saw this posted on KDE’s forums, but a user couldn’t reproduce on Kubuntu, which uses the latest version of KDE, user says.


So, anybody else having this issue? Anyway to resolve? Really don’t want to have to switch to the Gnome version for my desktop, but this bug is too much to deal with after each reboot. Not writing some custom script to fix something that should just work.

If it fresh install, would you like to upgrade it first to the latest packages sudo dnf upgrade?

The other things, there should be a menu that each time we login, it will restore last session settings and also if I can remember correctly, if you have multi monitor setup, there also a saved config for multi display setting that will set automatically if known display connected to the system.

As already mentioned:

I’ll try the load last saved session option. Sounds like it should work. Not sure what you’re talking about with a multi-monitor config, though.

On display configuration, on very bottom there a “Save displays properties” that have two options. For any display arrangement and for only this specific display arrangement.

Btw, you could also just delete folder ~/.local/share/kscreen or move it somewhere. logout then login again. It should reset the settings and creat new ksceen configuration.