Desktop sessions keep resetting

Hi All,

I dont know if this is my install or a bug but I’ve been using Fedora for years and after a fresh install last weekend from a USB/install to drive I have an issue.

I added LXDE after installing to my drive and I never turn my machine off. So here is the issue. I log into the desktop do my stuff and leave everything open. When I am does I just turn the monitors off as its a secure home machine.

Now when I come back I have to log back in (Usually after several hours) but everything I left has gone. Its like a completely new desktop session. I’ve never had this issue before and I’ve certainly not configured anything to do this.

Is this a common issue or am I simply missing the obvious here. Most of my Fedora work is done from bash but trying to find help of the specific (Desktop/session/login) issue yields results that dont seem to be related.

I suspect I am missing something here but if anyone can point me in the right direction on where to start investigating why I would appreciate it :smiley:

Check the logs application, as well as journalctl -rb and dmesg. It sounds like something (I suspect X or wayland) is crashing.

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I had an issue with bind mounts of sysfs/dev/proc… It made X11 crash somehow when trying to chroot into an ubuntu system … Didn’t do it any more, but made many changes and installed xorg-x11-drv-amdgpu that fixed many things on my system.

Close running containers and check if it still happens. Check last logs and try to find what stopped working first.

Hope it helps.

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A crash would make sense, strangely I’ve woke up this morning logged in and everything was there. The crash is looking more likely so now I have to start thinking what was running when the sessions crashed. Next time it happens I will check journalctl and dmesg and see what I find.

I dont know why it didnt occur to me that something would be causing a crash anyway thanks for the help guys/gals it gives me a place to start and hopefully from there I can find the cause :smiley:

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