Fedora/KDE Monitor Config won't "write/stay"

First, thank you for any help in advance, I have searched, heard this was a problem, but yet no one has fix, so I am looking here for help/ideas.

I have a now upgraded 37 box (from 36 correctly) and use KDE as my DE. Problem is I have 3 monitors and Fedora finds each nicely. When I set them up how I want them, I hit apply, all seems well but when I get off the menu, it asks me again if I wish to apply the settings, which I again choose apply and move on. If I reboot, it messes up the config and I have to start all over. I know this is more of a KDE bug, than Fedora because I have seen it in other distros in my testing, but I wondered if anyone had a fix. Other than this, it works great. Love Fedora!!

Also, I don’t have this issue in Gnome, but although I respect the project, it’s not my choice.

Thank you to any/all who might have a solution.


On KDE Wayland sessions tends to have more issues with multi-monitor setups than x.Org, you can switch between them on the left bottom side of login screen.
There’s also KWinFT, a KDE fork with improved display handling (and other features) Universal Means to Specific Ends - subdiff.org
You can get it from this copr, but 5.26 version hasn’t been compiled there yet: zawertun/kwinft Copr