Restoring Konsole sessions: Fedora 37 KDE Spin


I’m a recent convert to Fedora from Debian. On Debian, after a reboot, running KDE, my terminal/Konsole sessions would be restored, i.e. the windows and tabs and current directories in each are restored.

On Fedora 37 Konsole sessions are not restored.

This is an issue because a) I tend to have a lot of terminal/Konsole sessions on the go all the time, b) rebooting Fedora is a daily activity (at least!) at the moment.

I didn’t have to change any settings in Debian to get it to manifest that behavior. I’ve looked around System Settings in Fedora 37 but don’t see anything, with the possible exception of restoring manually saved sessions. But I have never manually saved and restored sessions in Debian and I wouldn’t expect to have to do it on Fedora.

Anyone know what the difference is, and how to enable the same behavior I get for free on Debian in Fedora? Seems like it could be a systemd thing? Firefox is the only thing that gets restored after a reboot, but it restores like a champ!

ETA: I should add that in KDE System Settings under Startup and Shutdown → Desktop Session, Restore Last Session is enabled.


(PS: As usual, I googled for the issue, found some posts, but other than some wacky script to repeatedly check qdbus org.kde.konsole which doesn’t exist on my machine, I didn’t find anything satisfactory.)

Fedora comes so as delivered from the KDE project. If an other distribution invents some changes to distinguish their Linux from others you have to do the configuration at your own.

So best is check in Debian how it is done and do it in fedora.

If you have questions about differences between the distribution (for example different path names etc.) we try to find the right place so that you can implement it in Fedora-Linux.

Finding the config files I always do with the whereis command

In your case whereis konsole to get the path where the config files are stored. Compair with the two versions of Linux and then find the correct place to colocate them on the newer distribution.
In one of the config files you probably also will find a hint about the restoring Debian does.

I just tested barely modified F37 on Wayland with that update and one Konsole window, containing multiple tabs with different current directories and screen splits, was successfully restored after a reboot.

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I just tried this and it said nothing to do. However this was after yet another Discover update & reboot. I did notice after that reboot that restoring my KDE session did even less than usual - this time Firefox didn’t automatically restore. No difference in konsole behavior.

I works on my machine™, so it’s something peculiar on your computer.
Try disabling, rebooting and enabling session restore in

See if you find anything in journalctl right after login and test it on a new user.

Try to create a new user and test if it works with it. If yes you might have miss configurations in your profile.

I did some more testing with multiple windows, once no konsole windows were restored, but later it worked every time. If you manage to reproduce it on KDE Neon, report it on If not, it might be Fedora specific, but still not that easily reproducible.