KDE apps installed on a gnome system when first installation

After I downloaded fedora from the fedora website and installed it. Why are all the KDE apps being installed on a Gnome system when Fedora has a spin version for KDE. Shouldn’t the Gnome system being installed be able to install without all the KDE apps.
I have noticed this with all the other versions. If the Fedora version on the website is the default version with Gnome, why does it install all the KDE apps on it also. I shouldn’t have to have all the KDE apps on my Gnome system since they have a KDE version in spin.
I just find that it uses more storage space which can be used for other files.

Which KDE applications are you referring to?

All of them. As I noticed the update this morning it was updating all the KDE apps that I don’t use.

Without a specific example it is hard to say but my workstation install doesn’t have lots of kde applications.

Perhaps something you installed brought them in as a dependency?

Anytime I install any app I always check to see what files will depend on it and try to avoid installing something that will use up space and wasting my time to slow down my system.
I should of took a screen shot of the list of updates it was installing. I noticed it was all KD5 files and apps.

You can use dnf history to see what happened. I am guessing they aren’t kde packages but if you can provide an example we can tell you for sure.

Doesn’t show me much on dnf history.
Maybe I should reinstall my system and watch the installation of files.

Last time I tried, Fedora Workstation from this link didn’t contain any KDE applications:

From which website did you download your version of Fedora?

The main one that is my start page and on the top it says get fedora.

I mean what is the exact URL you used to download the ISO file? If you use the below URL, you will have a GNOME desktop and no KDE applications:


If you have both GNOME and KDE applications, then you must have done something different.

https://download.fedoraproject.org/pub/fedora/linux/releases/35/Workstation/x86_64/iso/Fedora-Workstation-Live-x86_64-35-1.2.iso This is the link. Maybe I should just reinstall it.

Also may be you want to check with:

cat /etc/os-release

# And also check with
dnf config-manager | grep -i user_agent

to check if you’re with Fedora Workstation version.

I may have found my problem and didn’t realize it was a kde app. DigiKam which I will have to find another app to replace DigiKam,

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You could use the appimage. It would still take up some disk space but you wouldn’t have to manage all the dependencies.