It is not possible to turn off a wifi adapters when there is more than one

I recently bought a couple of wifi adapters to do some testing. I noticed that in both windows and macOS it is possible to easily turn adapters on and off individually, however in fedora workstation (gnome) it is only possible to turn all on or off which is very confusing and impractical.

Is there an issue under the hood that prevents you from turning off the adapters individually? It might be a good idea to add an improvement report for this issue in the Wi-Fi Networks panel in GNOME settings.

In terminal you can use nmcli, this works on all DE’s. Can you please have a look if the commands bellow help you to manage more than one Adapter ?

nmcli r #shows adapters

nmcli r wifi on | off #switch adapter on | off

nmcli r --help

This is up to you. Gnome is an own project:

Get Involved – GNOME


Thank you, it works for me. Anyway, I created an improvement report, thinking of the end user.

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