Two SSIDs on one WiFi hotspot in Gnome?

I know I can have multiple SSIDs on one Access Point using some Wifi adapters. I think this USB wifi adapter I have has that capability. But is it possible to do this in Gnome? I can do a hotspot and it creates one SSID and there’s no ability to add a second SSID on the same hotspot. Is it even possible in Gnome? Can I do it in the terminal somehow?

I was wondering how a wifi extender works, while a standard access point only allows one MAC address on the station side, until I realized that it might just setup multiple connections to the same SSID. After that, I found the “iw dev devname interface add name type type” command which creates a new interface, which will be found by NetworkManager. Unfortunately I could use only the one OR the other, because my USB dongle did not support it, but may be this helps you. The “iw list” can give you info about the capabilities. See e.g.

iw list does show I can have up to 8 interfaces for the AP. I found a tutorial on how to do it: how-to-setup-a-virtual-ssid-with-hostapd. It looks like it’s possible only via terminal setup, GNOME itself does not even require hostapd. That’s too bad, GNOME needs to get this feature implemented.

EDIT: link #2 hostapd-multiple-ssids-with-one-bssid