Fedora 37 - unable to use wifi

I upgraded to Fedora 37 two days ago; everything initially worked fine.

Now I am unable to use wifi. nmcli shows “sw disabled” for the wireless adapter.
Please can you advise on how to enable the software or any other steps.

Note. I had exactly the same problem on my backup laptop. Wifi was working under F37; it then stopped and nmcli showed “sw disabled”. But on this laptop, the problem was fixed by a reboot.

please have a look at

rfkill list 

also, does your laptop have a hard kill switch? Button combo or physical switch?

rfkill list shows:
Wireless LAN - soft blocked: yes; Hard blocked: no

The problem is on a desktop with a wireless USB adapter. So, no hard kill switch.

I tried
rfkill unblock wlan

rfkill list now shows:
Wireless LAN - soft blocked: no; Hard blocked: no

But still no wifi

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After reboot, wifi is now OK.
Thank you to augennauf for the pointer to the solution.

But it does lessen my faith in F37 if that is arbitrarily disabling wifi.

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