Network adapters stop catching wifi and other networks

Hi all. For some reason, the network adapters stop catching the network. And when I checked whether it works through ifconfig, the wlp3s0 network was gone. But after the reboot, everything stunts in its path, but still a while later, this story.

Could you help me with it)

You need to provide enough detail to allow others to reproduce the problem. Start with the output from inxi -Fzx pasted as text so it can be found by searches.

I’m not sure what this means, guessing booting takes a long time. When you reboot, press “e” to edit the grub commandline and remove the rhgb quiet entries. You should see messages that may help identify the problem.

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Hello @preiwer ,
Please type nmcli in a terminal and provide the output here. It should list all of your active network connections.