Issue with Silverblue 31

When I have tried to install Silverblue 31, dualboot with window 10, I receive issue with following text :
“The object cannot be write”.

How can I fix it?

I am hope so, that I can install Silverblue one day?

Can you please provide more information on this? What image did you use to attempt installation, what stage of the installation gave you that error?

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I am using image from this url :

The step before installation of grub-boot menu includes writing object, and one object can not be installed.

Install logs are found in /tmp/ and it would be helpful to see the program.log or the “anaconda-tb-*” file following the failure attempt.


How can I access this files and how can I write them.

You’ll need to boot Silverblue install media, reproduce the installation problem, and the log files will already be in /tmp/


When I receive the issue I have an dialog windows with button close?
How can I restart the installation?

Couple of questions: Are you using UEFI? And, if so are you trying to use the same EFI partition for both Windows & Fedora?

If so it is a known issue and there is a workaround.

EDIT: This thread has the work around if this is your problem.

If this isn’t your issue you can access the terminal with Ctrl + Alt + F2 and use fpaste to upload the logs to be able to share them here.

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1.Yes I am using UEFI.
2. Yes, I am using the same partition with Windows 10.
3. Yes, I will wait team of SilverBlue to fix the issue with uefi dual-boot.

Can I close the ticket?

There is a fix in the link I posted. When the popup happens don’t press anything to dismiss it just switch to a shell with Ctrl + Alt + F2

And then input the following commands and then return to the installer Ctrl + Alt + F6 to dismiss the popup and continue with the installation.

chroot /mnt/sysimage/ostree/deploy/fedora-workstation/deploy/<deploy_id>.0 /bin/sh
mv /boot/efi/EFI/EFI/* /boot/efi/EFI
rm -r /boot/efi/EFI/EFI
grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/efi/EFI/fedora/grub.cfg

<deploy_id> needs to be changed to the folder name on your system, the easiest way is to use the tab key to autocomplete it.

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From silverblue documents .

Silverblue does not provide a fully functional experience for dual
booting or manual partitioning, including separate home partitions.
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I choose custom option on the hdd and after that auto repartitions.