Is This Guide on Installing VirtualBox Correct?

I came across this guide since I couldn’t find any official ones and I’ve never been able to get the rpmfusion package to work. Some people said to use the Virtualbox repo. Is this guide correct? I don’t feel like screwing up my system and installing useless packages which in return will make me do a fresh install.

What’s wrong with the VirtualBox package from rpmfusion? It works fine for me.

One issue with third party repos is that they take some time to get them working for new releases of Fedora. eg. Dropbox and docker-ce currently don’t have stable branch third party repos for Fedora 30.

That virtualbox directory for Fedora 30 currently actually links to the directory for Fedora 29…

Everytime I’ve went through the steps on their page I get some kind of error and I’m not going to disable SELinux. I would just use gnome boxes however it doesn’t do what I need it to. Yes I know it’s for Fedora 29. I did see that the dependency packages have a f30 version and so does virtualbox. I can’t believe how difficult it is to install Virtualbox then with Ubuntu.

You might want to post about any error you’re getting. It works for me with SELinux, without issues.

Or just follow Oracle’s instructions on setting up their repo: Linux_Downloads – Oracle VM VirtualBox

Ok I guess I’ll give rpmfusion another shot and see how it goes.

I just made a post about the issues with the installation

Is it ok now? For the conflict mentioned by dnf, I uninstalled the virtualbox guest additions on the host.

I actually followed that guide that I linked in the original post. Everything works, the Fedora 29 package from Oracle’s repo is also compatible with 30. Thanks for all your help. I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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