What is the best way of installing virtualbox on F37?

Hello everybody. I normally don’t use Virtualbox for my virtualization, but some of my courses require it to use. The last time I installed it on Fedora 36, it wasn’t a great experience. I couldn’t run it, and also I wasn’t able to uninstall it. Even though I uninstalled it, it was just literally sitting there in my applications. I don’t want to leave Fedora just because of Virtualbox, so I need your help. I am running Fedora 37 on Gnome with Intel CPUs. Is anybody running Virtualbox on F37 without any issues? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Here you go:


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VirtualBox is easy to install on fedora.

Enable the rpmfusion repos as shown here first (if not already done) then install virtualbox with dnf install VirtualBox which will install everything needed. After that simply reboot and it should work.

You may need to disable secure boot first or sign the modules if you want to have secure boot enabled.

You may also install it directly from the oracle repo, though that seems a little more problematic.

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To be honest, I was hesitated due to my previous experience but it seems to be working now:) Thanks for reply.

Thank you Scott, I appreciated your reply!

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I found this thread: Fedora 37 missing from the repository on forums.virtualbox.org.

I’m using Fedora 37 with the virtualbox repo and have not had any issues.