Is there an OVA image for FCOS in VMware Fusion (aarch64/MacOS)?

Hello, I am trying to provision Fedora CoreOS on MacOS (version 13.5.1) and VMware Fusion Pro (version 13.0.2) with an ignition file. The Fedora guideline for provisioning FCOS on VMware instructs to use an OVA image, but this is only available for x86_64 architecture, not for aarch64 in the download site.

The FCOS aarch64 ISO image runs fine in Fusion Pro, but I see no way to use an ignition file here.

Is there a way to provision FCOS on MacOS with VMware Fusion Pro using an ignition file?

Any help would be greaty appreciated.
Best wishes,

Looks like we did not enable it for aarch64 as there was no demand so far. Can you create an issue in GitHub - coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker: Issue tracker for Fedora CoreOS? Thanks!

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