Developing CoreOS on a MacBook Pro (Apple Silicon)?

I originally asked this question here but never got a response and since ask is merging into discussions figured it might be worth another try.

I’m working on a project using CoreOS but my main machine is the MacBook Pro with the M1 Max (it is a fantastic machine). I’m looking to develop mostly on the MacBook but still run the machine locally. Was hoping to use qemu but qemu-kvm is not available on MacOS.

While I could use VirtualBox or VMware, I’d prefer to stick with just qemu

Are you wanting to develop on top of Fedora CoreOS or are you wanting to develop/hack Fedora CoreOS itself? If it’s the latter podman machine actually uses Fedora CoreOS under the hood so you could just use that workflow to get a running FCOS (easy peasy) and then use that started machine for your developing.

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I was not very clear, apologies.

I’m developing servers/apps that will be deployed to CoreOS. Would be nice to have docs on using CoreOS specifically on Apple Silicon.

In lieu of the docs existing targeting the platform specifically (maybe open an issue against fedora-coreos-docs), WDYT about trying out podman machine? This sets up FCOS for you and you should then be able to just ssh into the machine.

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I will give podman machine a try and see what happens from there. I will look at the docs to see if there is a way to pass an ignition config to podman, that might be really easy to get started with.

Yep, you can run podman machine init --ignition-path <file> and it looks like it will give you the option to use an ignition file! Thanks as always @dustymabe!

@jasonmccallister does this still work for you? When I run podman machine init --ignition-path <file> followed by podman machine start I get an error:
Error: dial unix /var/folders/tl/4hz9nhy17s9134l5l6syhq9n_ck3x6/T/podman/qmp_podman-machine-default.sock: connect: no such file or directory