Unable to import Fedora CoreOS to VMWare Fusion 11.5

Hello, I just download the Fedora CoreOS VMWare version for testing and research purpose but it keep saying “Did not find an .ovf file at the beginning of the OVA package”. Help me please.

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Hello @chota5511, welcome to the community! If you haven’t done so already, please take the time to review the start here docs.
Just a thought, in the images above I see password and ID details, are you concerned about openly displaying them?
I found this tutorial that may be of assistance to your current problem. Let us know how it works out for you, and if you need any more assistance.


oh sorry this is my bad I post wrong image. This one is the right one actually. I have changed the password and ID already.

So you’re running now? What was the solution if so?

No it still isn’t running I cannot import the image to VMWare nor install it.

There is another, very much the same, discussion here that would likely be of interest to you. Perhaps you should also join in there since apparently one of the individuals has figured a possible work around.

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@jakfrost That would be great. Many thanks, I keep up this that discussion thread.