Is there a pdf editor that's able to open files with a password for opening/reading, save with password, delete and add pages?

I tried PDF Mix Tool, PDF Arranger and PDF Mod. All are available from the ‘Software’ app.

AFAIR PDF Mix Tool and PDF Mod can’t open files with a password for opening or reading, while PDF Arranger can open but not save them with a password.

Is there a pdf editor that’s able to open files with a password for opening or reading, save with password, delete and add pages, preferably from ‘Software’ or the standard repos?

I’m not aware of a linux edito with full read/write password support, but there are tools to set passwords (both owner and user passwords) to pdf files.

I tried LibreOffice Draw. With Draw it’s possible to delete pages and export as Pdf and set passwords.

Btw Draw isn’t displayed in the apps menu (9 dots).

LibreOffice Writer=>click lower x to close the unsaved document=>Draw Drawing=>File=>Export as=>Export as PDF=>tab Security=>Set passwords=>enter your passwords=>click OK=>click Export

I didn’t try to add pages but I suppose that it works, too.

That is probably because the libreoffice-draw package isn’t installed. That package only contains the .desktop file and some symlinks.

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@chrisawi I didn’t delete this package, because of this I assume, that it wasn’t installed by default.

For new users of Fedora and LibreOffice, it might be helpful to see at first sight, that an image processing programme is installed or integrated.

I’d welcome it, if Draw appeared in the apps menu by default.

This was an intentional change: Issue #129: Remove LibreOffice Draw from default install - fedora-workstation -

I don’t particularly like the decision.

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@chrisawi Thanks for the link. I don’t agree with the decision.

catanzaro posted: … ‘We don’t need a flowchart app installed by default. Does anybody here actually use it? This is a really niche tool.’ … Perhaps catanzaro doesn’t need the app installed by default. I use it. I don’t know, whether this is a niche tool. smaffulli posted: … ‘I think this decision should be reverted. LibreOffice Draw is the application used to edit PDFs.’ … ‘This is a very poor user experience for absolutely no reason: Draw is installed and working, makes the whole thing appear broken. Please revert it.’ …

I read the topic completely. I didn’t read substantial reasons why LibreOffice Draw was removed from default install. I agree with smaffulli, that this decision should be reverted. If LO Draw was part of the default install, there wouldn’t be a problem, on the contrary, it would be helpful.