Adobe acrobat pro alternative (opensource) for fedora

I really need a pdf editor and i find one from internet but it is not good as expected i hope you guys know and use for yourself also i need a good pdf editor to edit and add images signeture onto the pdf and have to delete a line.
I am okey with .Rpm appimages snap flatpak even i will compile from source if a good option available with detailed method. And i am on kde plasma fedora 35 also i have another device with kububtu and opensuse booted if .Deb are available.


I have never found a fully featured open source pdf editor. In my opinion it is a huge gap in the Linux software landscape.

If you need to edit a single page or add a signature there are plenty of tools that can do that(LibreOffice, Okular, GIMP, Scribus, Xournal++). However, if you need to make large scale edits/redactions/revisions there is nothing open source that can do that.

There are a couple of paid commercial alternatives. Master PDF Editor and Qoppa PDF Studio.