Can I sign PDF documents with LibreOffice


Many time ago I could sign PDF documents with X509 certificates using LibreOffice. IIRC I kept the certificate in the Firefox keychain and LO could see and use it without problems. Now I can’t.

When clicking to sign the selection dialog appears empty:

I checked in Firefox and the certificate is imported.

Maybe the Firefox keychain password dialog is hidden behind the selection one? If so, I can’t see a way to put it in front to add the keychain password.

Using F34 and libreoffice-core- on Wayland.

Hi @olea
Would this help you? Signing ODF and PDF documents with LibreOffice - Linux Kamarada

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I know how to do it, sure.

Finally I found the problem:

You can see the top of the NSS keychain password window, which is hidden by the other two.

I found it after moving around the LO window o_0

I don’t know if it’s a general problem or maybe caused by something in my old $HOME :expressionless:

Thanks anyway :slight_smile: