Libreoffice doesn't work on Fedora 38 plasma

After upgrading to F38, oocalc, etc., start but do not display a full window on plasma (on either Xorg or Wayland). They do work properly on gnome.

I had to kill the window which then left dangling data next time I opened oocalc.

Can you share a screenshot so we can see what you are referring to?

Hmmm. Now it is working. I tried oocalc, oowriter in both plasma xorg and wayland. The process would start and the window on the title bar would work. But, there would be nothing visible.

Why don’t we close this topic and if the issue returns, I’ll post a screen shot.

How does that sound?

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When I open LibreOffice in F38 KDE Plasma workspaces, the software is minimized, so I had to right click the icon on menu bar to maximize the software. The default behavior is set to minimized.

It should open in the same mode it was last used. Try opening it to a window or full screen then close it. When it is next opened it should return to the previous mode.

My first LO openings had a basically invisible window (not minimized) with a very subtle white line.

That’s correct - thin (almost unnoticeable) vertical line that I had to right-click.

Can confirm same issue.