Is Nautilus not stable in handling NTFS?

Today when I try to copy large file in HDD (NTFS), Nautilus completely got hanged and not able to unmount that drive. ( even udisksctl didn’t respond)

I did reboot, but unable to mount that partation again?

I solved that issue by using Windows, normally mounted and I ejected it then able mount in fedora as well.

Then I use Tar command to copy that large file.

So my question is for handling NTFS reliably should I always use cli ? Or for linux should I use different file format for my HDD?

There are tools in Linux to handle NTFS, but as you selves mentioned this are Windows file systems. Yes best would be if you can convert alias copy them to a FS where is more common on both Windows and Linux as far you pretend to use dual boot.

Your OP seems to indicate the file may have been on an external device that was ntfs formatted.

As such you had 2 issues involved. Firstly ‘ntfs’: which is not a native linux file system and by itself may have issues. Secondly (probably) USB: which is comparatively slow and will always have a much slower transfer rate than an internal device.

Most usb devices (flash drives) are preformatted as FAT32 or similar and are easily read by both windows and linux. As suggested one should always use a file system that is easily accessible by the OSes the user has for interoperability.

If dual booting and copying files from the windows ntfs file system to the linux file system I have always simply mounted the ntfs file system then used either the cli (with rsync) or nautilus to copy files. I have never had a problem doing so, and have often transferred files as large as boot isos up to 4 GB in size.

The key is waiting patiently for the transfer to complete. Nautilus provides a small disk icon at the upper right of the window title bar to show progress and until that little icon becomes totally black then disappears the copy is still active and in progress. You can easily verify progress by repeating ls -l in the destination directory (or by using another tab or window with nautilus and checking properties). As long as the file size is still changing the copy is still in progress.

Thanks, seems like option we have is only exFAT but here author suggest not to use for live access.

Any other suggestions for FS

Thanks for detailed explanation, I was trying to copy 210Gb zip file. Natulis just hanged and not able to access destination folder.

If NTFS is not good to handle, can you suggest good file system with large file system limit. Occasionally will live access hdd