Iphone 12

Is there an application either alternative options to use Fedora applications or run software on an iphone 12 with ios 15.5 ?

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While it is possible to run linux on some apple hardware (bare metal), I have never heard of anything that can run on apple phones, especially not using ios as the base.


So not like Android app’s on Windows and linux based OS. Every Apple unit like iphone and macbook will be able to share some media-files like .AIFF.

I often found it hard to transfere from Android to Macbook. But as Apple locked the oppertunity to transfere your own music and even legally downloaded musik you allready paid for. So changing my Android phone to a iphone didn’t excactly make my life easier. As it should had done. I am left with no option to change anything either do hack or using Homebrew software.

You can share your music files between devices via iTunes software. From your Macbook you can sync music to your iPhone. iTunes can be installed on Windows systems, as well. Maybe you know that already.

So what exactly is it, that you are trying to achieve?

Same question goes for your other thread about Fedora on a Macbook. Until now I could not clearly understand what you really want to do, regarding your music files?

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Thank so much for advice. Yes it was what I wanted. Also I were in doubt myself but you did give me the clear options. As I’m still learning to understand what is going on between data at different OS/OSM platforms I am still in doubt when I try to move the Music files. If I do something wrong or it is technically.

There is a popular smartphone integration that works with Fedora and iOS called KDE Connect, and it works for Gnome as well via the GS Connect extension.



I tried that one just out of curiosity from F36 Gnome to the current iOS, and what can I say?

GS Connect still is in childhood stages, I guess.

BUMMER… :disappointed_relieved:

I’m sad to hear that. I’ve been using it successfully on Android for years now, but have never tried with iOS.

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For the most part, iOS integration on Fedora is perfectly fine. The only issue is not being able to do backups with the current version of libimobiledevice in the repos, which is why I made a COPR here: Project List

You can use ifuse or GSConnect for basic file transfer, gvfs-afc, libgpod and maybe other GNOME tools help with other functionality (I’m being vague as I don’t really sync music.) The lack of support isn’t really a software issue, it’s an iOS/Apple issue. You can jailbreak your phone, but at the risk of making your mobile device significantly more insecure.

Perhaps, I don’t belong to that ‘most part’? Could never get a working device-connection at all, not even once, although the terminal output on F36 said so, the iPhone11 (latest iOS) didn’t.

Don’t think the iphone version matters so much as the iOS version. As mentioned above, you want my COPR for newer iOS versions because Fedora ships an old version (this is primarily because upstream hasn’t cut a new release in years). If you have an older iPhone/iOS it works perfectly fine in my experience, albeit that isn’t relevant anymore due to obsolescence.

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Thanks! I wasn’t aware of this, at all yet.

Thank you for sharing. I will have a closer look for reading about the project there. I mean I already saw it on my phone today. But with out knowing what it was and where it came from.