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I’m running Fedora 37 with KDE. I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max with latest iOS. I want to connect the iPhone to my PC via cable and browse files in Dolphin. I followed the instructions in Arch Linux wiki ( iOS - ArchWiki ), as Fedora doesn’t seem to have distro specific info on connecting iOS devices. I installed libimobiledevice. Started usbmuxd service. Successfully paired the iPhone. Next step, for Dolphin integration, according to Arch Wiki, is installing “solid-git” and “kio-extras-git”. I found and installed kio-extras package from the Fedora repo, but was not able to find solid. I was able to mount my iphone to /media/iphone using ifuse terminal command. I can even browse the iphone from Terminal. But weirdly, the /media/iphone folder does not show in Dolphin. As in, /media seems not to have any subdirectories. What can this be? Thank You So Much!

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Hi Simon,

Welcome to Fedora, and especially to the KDE spin :slight_smile:

Actually, this should work out of the box on a default KDE spin installation. But it was a bit confusing for me, too…

  • connect your phone
  • accept coupling on your phone
  • Disk & Devices will pop up

So far, so good.

The tricky part for me was not to click on “Open in File Manager” (which simply opens Dolphin w/o any access to the phone), but instead expand the menu and click on “View Photos with File Manager”:

This will open Dolphin with access to the camera:

(You might need to grant access on the phone to the phone, then you are done).

(The package that does the magic is kamera).

Hi and Thank You Chris! Your solution helped me to browse the files and videos on my iPhone in Dolphin. However, when I try to play any of the videos, either in Dragon Player or VLC, the player’s open, but behave as if no file was loaded. I just see the basic player interface, no pictures. I’m not talking about Live Pictures either, but about actual videos that I recorded.

Hm, cannot help you with this one, as I have the same issue as you. What helps is copying the files to local file system first.

All in all, I think iPhone integration is much better/faster/transparent in Gnome (you can even access some documents besides pix and vids).
Don’t know how they do it or how I can have this behavior in KDE, too…

I‘d like to know how to do that these days. For me, it used to work great in the past but not at all recently …

You mean accessing documents? Or pix and vids?

On Gnome, I just attach the iPhone, then the drives “iPhone” and “Documents on iPhone” are displayed in Files. For pix and vids, you just navigate to “iPhone”, then DCIM, then navigate the subfolders. You can even preview things in Files with the Space key.

I didn’t really bother having documents on my iPhone, but at least I can see some folders and can access files within (e.g. access Nextcloud’s cache to play MP3s from there) or create files (e.g. I created a subfolder under “Adobe Scan” and dragged & dropped a PDF file on my iPhone).

(All on Fedora 37 Workstation, iPhone XR and iOS 16.3.1, btw)

Hmm, I’m regretting every day more buying this used iPhone. Such unsmooth operation, so many difficulties, things to work around, while my OnePlus 5T was perfect! Thank You everyone!