How to download photos from iPhone?

I connected my iPhone w/ iOS 16.4.1 to my Silverblue 38 using cable.

In Files, I found “Documents on ” listed. Inside, I only find “Chrome” and “Workspace” .

How can I transfer my photos / videos taken by the iPhone?

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I am on iOS 15.7.4 and I can’t access photos/ videos since quite a few iOS and Fedora releases.

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Have you tried GSConnect(GTK version of KDE Connect)? What I have seen other Iphone users do is to upload/download it via the cloud like Mega.

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The easiest way I have found is with Shotwell. Very nice, simple photo/album manager.

I use the rpm package on F37, not sure about the flatpak. Works with latest iOS 16.4.1.

If it can’t mount, try unlocking the phone before connecting the USB cable. There might also be a trust prompt that you have to accept on the phone.

KDE Connect can be used to send selected files manually from/to the iPhone. You need to install both KDE Connect app on the iPhone and KDE Connect or GSConnect on the computer, and be on the same local network.


Shotwell (the rpm, not sure about flatpak) and an unlocked-iPhone-when-plugged-in also did the trick for me, thank you for the advice!

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There is an app being developed called Valent GitHub - andyholmes/valent: Connect, control and sync devices. I use the nightly flatpak to connect to my phone. You can use it with KDE Connect on your phone, for example (I use it with the Zorin Connect app - the icon is nicer - but I don’t think there’s a version for iOS). I like the app better just because… but the GSConnect extension could work too I think.