Introduction - Request for access as writer

I’m Fabian Otto in real life but on the web I prefer my handle of Ozymandias42 or Ozy for short.
Following my introduction I’d like to request access as writer, as to be able to co-author articles, with my friend @theevilskeleton (as proposed here) as well as write them myself.

Articles I’d be interested in are articles like BTRFS Maintainance, Powershell on Fedora and a few more I could think about things to write for.

To a good future collaboration,


Welcome Ozymandias42!

Have you followed the steps here: Contributing as a Writer – Getting Access? Once that is done, I should be able to grant you write access on Kanban. And then you can proceed to propose articles in new discussion threads here.

Thanks for contributing!

Done. I actually even made a PR on that page with a little addendum to step 3, explaining why it’s required to precede step 4 even if it looks as if it just works on first glance.


Thanks ozymandias42!

You should now be added as a writer on Kanban and WordPress.