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Hi, I’m coming here looking for help as already wanting to get a glimpse at Fedora seems hard. The USB I assumed to be a live USB (“test&install”) wants to install immediately. Not so fast, my friend. Hoping to learn more, but not sure I’ll change distros.

Edit: I posted this at “Watercooler” as my introduction. It was moved to Ask Fedora. I posted a more specific question in Ask Fedora too. So I apologize for the topic appearing twice. This one was meant to explain why I’m here.

You’ll need to be more specific… What image did you download? Some of the various desktop spins have live USBs whereas others (such as Silverblue) can only be installed.

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Fedora Workstation is a Live environment suitable for what you need.

It seems you downloaded the Silverblue Immutable version. That only has the installer.

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Where did you obtain the installation media? For recent LIVE media, there are two options when the media boots into its own version of GRUB: Start Fedora Workstation (to try the operating system); and Test (the installation medium) and Install/Start.

In any case, you can (generally) safely select the Test and Install method because it will verify the installation medium and then only begin the installation process, but will not automatically install the operating system for you.

I recommend obtaining new media, regardless, and you seem more confused than you should be as a new user. I recommend downloading a tool called Fedora Media Writer; use this tool to create your live media with the standard Fedora Workstation 39. You can then boot from that new media, and you should choose the Start boot-menu option. Fedora Media Writer verifies the installation media after writing, so you don’t need to use the Test & Start/Install boot option.

There are user documentation available at

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Thank you all very much. With your posts and what other users have posted to my original question too, I considered it solved.

As I’m writing in my edit, I apologize for the incorrect introduction/ seemingly doublepost.

To reduce confusion, I want to point out that there was a misunderstanding/problem with my English:
I interpreted “test” not as “test medium” but - expecting it to be a live medium - to mean “try” (such as “Try out Fedora”).
And no, it did not install “automatically”, it started an installation process which I can abort.

I came here to say “I was expecting a live medium with installation option but get an installer only. What’s wrong?”
That has been solved: There is no live medium for Fedora Silverblue (which I wanted).
I tried Fedora Workstation as a live USB and that one works and I like it.

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first off which usb? we have 10 different lives and depending on which Desktop Environment i have never seen one that ask to install immediately

@danny1353 said in the post just above yours that he was able to use the Fedora Workstation live media and he liked it.

I am unsure when he edited that post, and if it was after yours then he really should have put the new info into a new post.

Since I’m receiving email notifications that people are still trying to help or wondering what’s wrong, is it possible a moderator might close this thread please?

I had already marked an answer as the solution.
Thank you very much.

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